Illinois Department of Public HealthJB Pritzker, Governor

Purpose of the Report Card and Consumer Guide

Consumers have a right to access information about the quality of health care provided in Illinois.  This Web site can help you to become a more informed consumer and to make better health care choices. 

On this site, you can access

  • volume and cost of services in hospitals and ambulatory surgery treatment centers,
  • quality and safety data,
  • nurse staffing data,
  • patient satisfaction surveys,
  • summaries and links to Illinois laws that ensure consumer protection

We encourage you to use this information to facilitate discussions with your family and health care providers about your specific needs and treatment options.  Due to differences in the severity of illnesses treated, measuring quality of care is not an exact science.  However, we have made every effort to provide the most reliable data for the quality measures currently available. 

This Web site will continue to grow as we compile new information and implement regular updates; we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.

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